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Is It Easy Selling Your Home Yourself Without An Agent? What To Tell Potential Home Buyers. See Below.

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6. What reason will you give a buyer or agent for selling your home?


The reasons and motivations for selling your home can be many and varied. Most potential home buyers know this and will be quick to ask, “Why are you selling.” How would you reply to that question?


Sometimes the potential home buyer is just being nosey. However, in most cases, the home buyer has good basis for wanting to know the motivating reasons for the sale. The home buyer will want to know what’s wrong with the house — if it is so good why are you selling your home? They may also want to know why you are contemplating selling your home yourself without an agent fsbo.


7. How desperate are you to sell?


Both the real estate agent and the home buyer know that your level of motivation will be the driving force in the house sale. They will want you to reveal how urgent the deal is and how negotiable and flexible you are with selling your home yourself or through an agent.


Are you desperate and willing to sell your home at any price? Have you already made a conditional offer on another house? Are you relocating to start a new job in a new town? Have your family circumstances changed? Those are the types of questions that can reveal how motivated (or desperate) you are in selling your home. They can have a big influence on the final outcome in terms and the conditions of sale and the negotiated price for your dwelling.


That’s why it is really important to decide exactly what you are going to tell a real estate agent or a potential home buyer. Decide exactly how motivated you are in selling your home, before you put your house on the market. Think of how you are going to answer each question before it gets asked.


8. Be careful what you say


Although you should always be honest - by saying the wrong thing, or a simple "slip of the tongue", could cost you dearly. You will need to choose your words carefully. Decide how much information you are willing to give without revealing too much, or misleading, or deceiving the real estate agent or the home buyer.


9. Be mentally prepared


Everyone, at some point in his or her life has listened to their little voice cautioning them against following a certain action. If you frequently question what you do and think, and veer away from making decisions, then you may be stopping yourself from reaching your fullest potential.


Selling your home fsbo is precisely what I am talking about. Because it may come as a surprise to learn, that most of the problems you will encounter when you sell your home fsbo, will be in your own mind.


There is nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it. And, it is a good thing that these problems are in your head... because, that way you are in control. Having advance warning of likely problems when selling your home fsbo, will make the ideas discussed on this web site much more useful to you.


10. Face your fears


So what motivates that niggly little voice? What’s stopping you from making that important decision in selling your home yourself fsbo?


One of the most common answers is FEAR. Fear is the greatest single barrier to success in our personnel and professional lives. The emotion of fear is intended to warn us of danger and to act as a cautionary tool.


Fear should make us stop and think before taking action. What fear shouldn’t do is dictate the course of action we take. Dont be afraid of selling your home fsbo, you just have to decide whether or not this method is best for you in the circumstances.


Selling your home yourself is not always easy, but many vendors are very successful and save themselves thousands in real esate agent commissions.


Read on for more tips and ideas on selling your home for sale by owner fsbo.






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