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44. Show integrity when selling homes for sale by owner


Another way of being professional is to have and show integrity. Honor your commitments with integrity. Integrity is not a 90% thing, not a 95 % thing; either you have it or you don’t.

45. How does your property rate?

These are thousands of homes for sale by owner on the market. So, how does your property stack up? You be the judge. Imagine your house is entered into a “home of the year” contest. Get out a clipboard and take an inspection tour of the entire property — inside and out. Judge each room out of 10. Note any minor repairs that are needed. Note down any areas that need cleaning or painting. Prepare a “TO DO” list.

46. Ask friends and neighbors for help

That means, before you put your home on the market to compete with all the other homes for sale by owner (and agent listings) do this. Stand back and look at your house as objectively as you can. Would you buy this dwelling? Ask friends and neighbors to do the same. Insist they be totally honest. Good or bad - you need to know the truth!

47. What will a buyer think?

You must always look at your house through a buyer’s eyes. Try and see it as the buyer would for the very first time. I know this can be a hard thing to do especially if you have become so use to that red wine stain on the carpet. You probably don’t even see it anymore, but it could be the very first thing a potential buyer notices when walking through the door. Remember, you are competing with all the agent listings as well as all the other homes for sale by owner.


48. You only get one chance at it

Do it once! Do it right! Don’t rush your house onto the market fsbo. Your property has to be ready BEFORE the first buyer sets a foot inside your door.


There’s an old saying:
“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

And there’s a saying in real estate:
“A house that sparkles is a house that sells!”

So, does your house look like a home... a nice place to live? Would you buy your house, if you were seeing it for the very first time, in the condition it is in now? You are competing with agent lists and other homes for sale by owner.


49. Break down big jobs into bite-sized pieces


Most properties will require some attention before they go on the market to sell alongside agent properties and other homes for sale by owner fsbo. A primary cause of exhaustion is attempting to complete tasks that are too large. It can be demoralizing if the end never seems to be in sight. Things get put on the back burner. And, sometimes when such a task is finally completed, it is done as a result of a last minute panic.


The trick here is to break down this type of task into bite-sized pieces. Set deadlines for each bite to be completed. This way you can achieve smaller but regular victories until the whole task is completed.


“There's only one way to eat an elephant... one bite at a time.


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