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To Sell For Sale By Owner You Will Need A Plan To Find Home Buyers.

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24. Accept that not all potential home buyers will like your house

When you use a real estate agent he or she usually hears all the comments (good and bad) about the property. The real estate agent will usually provide you, as vendor, with feedback. Agent's generally find home buyers to be frank and forthright with their opinions.


However, when you are selling your property yourself fsbo, you’ll probably hear these comments first hand. Although, realize that sometimes potential home buyers will have a different attitude when talking directly with the property owner. Either they’ll be more polite by not telling you what they really think, or they’ll be very direct and attempt to knock the price down by criticizing the property at every opportunity. You will find home buyers to approach this differently, depending on their personality and negotiating style.

Anyway, be prepared for potential home buyers to pick holes in you house. It may not always be pleasant as to some extent they are criticizing your personality. You probably chose the decor... you planted the trees... you designed the kitchen layout etc. So when someone says “it sucks!” . . . that’s not very nice to hear.


Accept that you are never going to please everyone. You won't always find home buyers prepared to say what you want to hear.



By using a systematic home sale marketing plan you should have a steady flow of potential buyers that make the negative observations of any single person look irrelevant.


25. Organize and prioritize your time

If you choose to sell for sale by owner fsbo, then you will need to give up some of your spare time in order to get your house ready to sell and to show prospective buyers through it. You can't just decide to sell for sale by owner and then expect ecverything to magically happen. You will need to be proactive to find home buyers.

That’s why it’s important to gain control of your time and use it wisely. It is easy for days to ‘just slip away” without having made much progress in selling your house fsbo. Being busy and being productive are two different things.

In some ways selling your own home can be likened to being under “house arrest.” But think of how much you could save in real estate commissions by doing the jobs an agent would normally do!

One way to boost efficiency is to prioritize tasks. The point I’m making is that it is important to prioritize your tasks and know the value of everything you do. Why I say this is because most of us spend too much of our time focusing on the wrong things.


We do tasks that are IMPORTANT AND URGENT because we have to. That’s good!

We do tasks that are UNIMPORTANT BUT URGENT, because they demand our attention. Things like personal phone calls etc.


We do things that are UNIMPORTANT AND NOT URGENT because we want to... they are a good way to pass the day and can be fun. Again phone calls can be in this category, so can reading irrelevant mail, clowning around, trivia, gossip, escape activities like TV etc.

Most of us don’t spend enough time doing things that are IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT. Eg. Prevention, forward planning, relationship building, preparation, goal setting, devising marketing strategies, cash flow budgeting, setting values and standards, introducing efficient systems etc.


We often put IMPORTANT tasks off because they are NOT URGENT or get overshadowed by the day-to-day activities in our lives.

Selling your house fsbo is IMPORTANT and URGENT. You are either going to do it or you are not! So spending more time on tasks that are IMPORTANT and either URGENT or NOT URGENT will prove to be productive. Many fsbo home sellers fall down because they fail to find home buyers to inspect their home.


26. Prepare a “TO DO” list


Many home sellers have high stress levels, or fail to succeed to sell for sale by owner, because they won’t, or cannot, sweat the details. It is important to see the big picture, but it is equally important to get details right.


Any expert in time management will tell you to prioritize your tasks. The best way to achieve this is to detail everything you have to do. Write tasks down on a “TO DO” list and then prioritize them. Do the most important tasks first and the least important last.



Read on for more tips and ideas on how to sell a house fsbo.



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