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estate agents selling  a home


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Selling A House Article

8 "Stress-Reducing" Questions To Answer Before Selling A House

By Noel Peebles

Do you really want to sell and move house? It sounds like a simple enough question, but
many homeowners would struggle with an answer. Here's what often happens.

Some people will put their house on the market at a ridiculously high price. Not because they expect to sell it for that price, but because they can't decide if they really want to sell. If a homebuyer is willing to pay their inflated price, it makes their decision a whole lot easier.

But, isn't that the wrong way to go about selling a property? If money were the only motivating factor, wouldn't the house seller be better off considering other types of moneymaking schemes?

Most real estate agents would agree - a good deal is usually the result of having a motivated house seller and a motivated house buyer. Being in a state of indecision can be very frustrating and can cause you needless stress. Besides, it's not fair on the other parties involved.

If a property is not "seriously" for sale it can be a waste of time for all concerned.

So, before selling your house, try answering these 8 questions. They might save you some stress and help you decide if you "seriously" want to sell.

1. Are you starting to wonder what your house is worth?

2. Do you think about selling your house?

3. Is your house now unsuitable for your family requirements?

4. Do you want a complete change?

5. Would you like to live in a different area?

6. Are you unhappy with your neighborhood?

7. Are you starting to look around at other properties?

8. If you could renovate your house to meet your requirements,
would you hesitate to get a loan to do it?

How many times did you answer YES? .

Now let's check your score:

0 to 1 YES answers:
It looks like you're pretty happy with your house and there's not a lot of reason to move at
the moment.

2 to 4 YES answers:
You may not be ready to sell your house right at this moment, but you are developing some
good reasons to do so in the near future. Now is the time to start planning your next
move. Check out

5 to 8 YES answers:
You're really busting to move house! You've got some very powerful reasons to sell your
home and now is the time for action! Check out

It really comes down to how motivated you are to sell your house.

Everyone has a different reason for selling and it is usually one of the first questions a house
buyer will ask. Your level of motivation will be the driving force as to how quick, how
negotiable, or how flexible you are with the sale of your house.

Copyright Noel Peebles Market Leaders Ltd.


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