FSBO For sale by owner advice for selling a home for sale by owner FSBO...without a real estate agent...and pocketing thousands in real estate agent commissions


For Sale By Owner

Will a Realtor do a better job selling your home asks real estate writer Noel Peebles co-author of For Sale By Owner Home Selling Secrets ebook. Real Estate article looks at hiring a realtor and selling your home for sale by owner FSBO.

Will A Realtor Do
A Better Job Selling Your Home?

By Noel Peebles
Co-author Home Selling Secrets ebook

So, you want to sell your home? The first question is, should you sell it using a realtor, or do you sell your home yourself FSBO (for sale by owner)?

Well, there's no clear-cut answer. It really depends on you and how successful you are likely to be at selling real estate. Fact is; some people lack the time, people skills, marketing skills, negotiating skills and even the inclination to sell their own home. For others, selling their home comes as an exciting challenge they can't resist.

Obviously, the big advantage of selling your home yourself, is that you do not pay a realtors commission. In most instances the realtors commission will amount to several thousand dollars. Make no mistake; if you dream of making a larger down-payment on your next home, or want to retire, or simply want to hang onto the equity you've worked so hard for... then you could save thousands by paying yourself NOT a realtor.

On the other hand, hiring a realtor and paying thousands in realtors commissions, could be money well spent. A case in point would be when a realtor gets you a better sale price for your home. Again, there are a
lot of variables to consider: like your own ability and enthusiasm verses the experience of a professional realtor. There are pros and cons for each method of selling. A lot will depend on you or the skill of the realtor representing you.

Most realtors would argue; if you needed a heart operation would you perform it yourself, or have an experienced heart surgeon do it for you? Maybe they are right? Maybe you do need a professional who is experienced in the business for selling homes? But, the counter argument is, that an increasing number of people are successfully selling their own homes (FSBO), without the services of an experienced realtor. What's more, they are saving themselves thousands of dollars in realtors commissions.

Realtors will also argue that; selling a home in today's market is not like it was a decade ago. The market, as well as the buyer's, are much more astute and the laws more complex. Add to this the statistics realtors have, proving that the average realtor has a better chance of selling a home in a shorter time span (and frequently for more money) than the average FSBO seller. But,
what's average? Not every seller is the same and nor is every realtor. There's no shortage of incompetent realtors and there plenty of "super capable" ones too. The trick is differentiating the good from the bad!

With that said, perhaps the biggest obstacle a seller faces is the "emotional attachment" they have to the property being sold. The home might be where the kids grew up, or where the family pet is buried. It might also have been designed, decorated, or landscaped to the sellers' personal tastes. That's why many sellers are blind to the flaws that a realtor can easily spot. And, that is also why a realtor may have a different view of what the home is really worth in todays market.

An experienced Realtor can provide a seller with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), so the seller knows what the home is actually worth, instead of what the seller feels it is worth. A realtor can provide an
independent and objective view which can be the difference in making a sale.

So, think carefully before deciding what home selling method suits you best. You may be able to do a far better job yourself and save yourself thousands of dollars in realtors commissions. If you don't genuinely believe you can do a better job, then you might be best to consider listing with a local realtor. Choose carefully, interview more than one realtor and ask for testimonials from satisfied customers.

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FSBO For sale by owner advice for selling a home for sale by owner FSBO...without a real estate agent...and pocketing thousands in real estate agent commissions