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Real Estate Listings
Real estate listings expose over priced properties says real estate writer Noel Peebles co-author of For Sale By Owner Home Selling Secrets ebook. Real Estate article about listing a home for sale.

Over Priced Properties Exposed
By Real Estate Listings

By Noel Peebles
Co-author Home Selling Secrets ebook

Most of us glance occasionally at the hoards of real estate listings of homes for sale in the newspaper. We do it out of a curiosity for what's happening in the real estate market and as a guide to what our own property might be worth. For many of us, searching the real estate listings is a relaxing form of entertainment.

Then suddenly, our level of interest rises when the time comes to buy or sell our own property. Scouring real estate listings becomes almost an obsession. Those real estate flyers that fill our mail box get read. We search the internet for real estate listing websites. And, we carefully scan the hundreds of real estate listings in the newspapers.

We do it, because knowledge is power! We want to know what's available, in what area and at what price. The longer we look, the more knowledgeable we become. We get to know which homes for sale represent good value and which ones don't. We get to know which homes stay on the market whilst those around them get sold.

Yes, it's a proven fact; checking out the latest real estate listings of homes for sale is an essential and valuable tool when buying or selling real estate.By regularly searching the real estate listings we get to know which properties are over priced. They are the ones that stay on the market for months, giving the impression that the seller is not really be interested in selling. And, when we find a home that's over priced, we usually just cross it off our list and move on. The agents do the same. After all, there are plenty of other real estate listings worth following up.

However, over pricing a home for sale is not always the sellers' fault. Deciding the true value of a home isn't an exact science. That's why many sellers make the mistake of setting their asking price too high.

And to be fair, most of us believe that our homes are really "worth more" than the one down the block that was just sold. Besides, if we are wrong, we can always drop the price later, can't we?

Well, yes that's true, but by then several potential buyers might have been lost. The seller may also have driven off interested Realtors (Realtors are a prime source of buyers).

So, it is important to get the listing price right from day one. Because, when listing a property for sale, the first 30 days are the most critical. Statistics show; that's the time when most buyers (and Realtors) will see the real estate listings.

The first month on the market is the key. BUT... when a property is over priced, or stays on the market too long, interest wanes. Potential buyers (and Realtors) will be suspicious, ignore the listing, or they will simply move on to another property that is more realistically priced. So, that's why the initial 30 day period is critical when listing a property for sale.

Some sellers, however, believe that if someone is really interested they will counter-offer. Yes, that may or may not happen. But, there is the risk that well-qualified buyers may just walk away, never to return.

The proven fact is; over priced real estate listings turn many buyers off.

Still, a seller wants to be confident he or she is getting the best price for their home. The way to accomplish this is by talking to one or more real estate agents, or hiring a local appraiser. This needs to be done before deciding on the asking price or listing the property for sale.

An agent or appraiser will be able to provide a comparative market analysis. He or she will inform the seller of what similar homes in the area have sold for recently. The seller then needs to compare his or her own property to those recent sales. And... personal sentiments need to be kept out of the equation when calculating a fair market value.

In short, over priced real estate listings usually lead to unsold properties!

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FSBO For sale by owner advice for selling a home for sale by owner FSBO...without a real estate agent...and pocketing thousands in real estate agent commissions