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FSBO real estate book extracts: Best-selling Home Selling Secrets real estate book. Noel Peebles, co-author of Home Selling Secrets book with for sale by owner (fsbo) tips from the FSBO real estate book.

16 Quick Tips and Low Cost
Improvements To Sell Your Home FSBO

By Noel Peebles
Co-author Home Selling Secrets ebook

When selling your home FSBO - first impressions do count! The first thing to do is clean the interior of your home from top to bottom. Dust every nook and cranny. Cleaning is the cheapest home improvement any seller can undertake. It just takes a little time and effort.

Here are quick 16 quick tips from my FSBO real estate book to get you started:

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #1.
A fresh coat of paint is often one of the easiest, cheapest and most dramatic improvements you can make to the home interior. If you do nothing else, at least consider a paint touch-up. I’m sure that you’ll get more than your investment back.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #2.
Indoor/outdoor flow is important too. If it is a nice day and you have doors to the outdoor decking, then open them up. Give the idea of outdoor living by adding an outdoor table and chairs… maybe a colorful umbrella. I did this when I sold my last house. A local outdoor furniture store was closing down so I lashed out and spent $140 on a table and 4 bright colored chairs and a matching umbrella. It looked a million dollars!

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #3.
Get rid of items that you never use. Check the garage, attic and every room.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #4.
Organize the home interior to make it look uncluttered. Rearrange furniture to make each room look as spacious as possible.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #5.
Put anything you don’t need in storage – hire a storage unit. Any pieces of furniture that look “comfortably warn” should be taken off show.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #6.
After you have cleaned the walls and checked for fingerprints, smudges, dents etc do another careful home interior inspection. If the walls are still not 100%, consider a fresh coat of paint. Check woodwork, tiles, vinyl, wallpaper etc for signs of wear and tear.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #7.
Check windows and windowsills carefully. Look for chipped paint, signs of leaks etc. Even check regularly for dead flies. Consider taking down the curtains or drapes for washing or laundering.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #8.
Wax any linoleum flooring. Clean around the edges and make all the floors look sparkling clean. Make your whole home interior sparkle!

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #9.
Get rugs and carpets shampooed or hire one of those “do it yourself” carpet-cleaning machines. It is better to spend a few dollars now rather than have the buyer ask for a “new carpet allowance” as a condition of purchase.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #10.
Look carefully at the color coordination throughout the house. Does the home interior color scheme flow? Does anything clash horribly with the rest of the house?

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #11.
Check for leaking faucets, running toilet systems etc. Strange noises or sounds of water flowing can spook a buyer. Small things can make a buyer wonder what is wrong or not working.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #12.
Bathrooms need to be cleaned as if you could eat off any surface. They must be spotless! Clean baths, showers, toilets and sinks. Replace the shower curtain if it has mould on it. Look for water stains or rust in basins or around the fixtures. Check that the chalking around the shower, tub and sink is in immaculate condition. If not – replace it!

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #13.
Organize the closets to make them look spacious. Store your out of season clothes in the storage unit you have hired. It is important that closets look as large and as spacious as possible. Also make them smell nice (not of foot odor from smelly shoes).

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #14.
Look at replacing light switch surrounds. Check that light shades are clean, dust free and in keeping with the décor

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #15.
When people visit a strange house their senses are alert to anything unusual – sights, sounds and SMELLS. If you have a smoker in the house, then make sure your home interior doesn’t smell like an ashtray. Spray some neutral air-freshener or use one of those plug-in types. Maybe the old trick of using the smell of baking or freshly brewed coffee might be worth considering.

FSBO Real estate book - FSBO Tip #16.
If you have pets, then put them outside when a prospective home buyer calls. Check for fleas, cat fur, dog hairs etc on furniture and flooring. Also be aware that some people hate animals and some people are easily frightened and intimidated by a barking or over boisterous dog.

The trick when sprucing up the home interior for your FSBO sale is to Spend money wisely.

Don’t be afraid to invest a little to make your FSBO home more presentable. However, be careful what you spend your money on. Any major improvements or structural changes should be carefully considered. Will costly changes bring you enough money from the FSBO sale, or would you be better off not spending the money at all? There’s an old FSBO real estate saying “Never put a nickel into your house unless you can get a dime back out!”

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FSBO For sale by owner advice for selling a home for sale by owner FSBO...without a real estate agent...and pocketing thousands in real estate agent commissions